About Us

Parenting Time Rooms:  The parenting time rooms in our  facility  are specifically designed for children.  All rooms are filled with toys and age-appropriate activities designed to engage parents and children in conversation and play.  Our rooms are spacious and will accommodate a  single child or multi-child  family.  We allow parents the flexibility to reserve a different parenting time room each visit, at no additional cost, to ensure families enjoy a variety of activities with their children (subject to availability).  All activities are free of charge, video game and movie rentals, and craft supplies.

Supervision: During each visit, a trained Supervisor will continuously monitor all interaction and communication between the parent and the child(ren). Following each visit, the center will issue an Observation Report outlining the Supervisor’s professional assessment of the family’s interaction. The assessment will address important facts, observations and direct statements of the family. Further, the assessment will describe the family’s behavior, comfort level during the visit and strengths or concerns as identified by the Supervisor. The center will not make recommendations regarding the need for increases or decreases in supervised parenting time.

Supervised Parenting Visit Fee Structure:  Visitation fees are $100.00 per hour for Supervised Parenting visits and are billed by the hour for each visit.  An intake assessment is required by both parties prior to visitation. The one time fee for assessments is $50.00 per parent.  

Center Hours: Are by appointment only.  Supervised Parenting visits will be set by the Director during the intake assessment on a reoccurring schedule based on availability.

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